The Lope: Not Really for Lincoln, but...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Not Really for Lincoln, but...

Despite the fact that Presidents Day technically commemorates only George Washington's birthday, it is popularly believed that Lincoln's birthday is also included in the federal holiday. Not so, despite a failed legislative attempt to include Abe in 2001. But here's the deal. When's the last time you saw a statue of Washington in the Midwest? Or a Washington impersonator?

No, we just like Abe more. Maybe we can relate to him better, or maybe it's the cool tall hat. I mean, nobody wrote a book about Washington killing vampires.

No, Abe is just cooler.

It's amazing, really, how often he pops up. At top, Abe seems to gaze over Hutchinson, Kansas, from the Reno County Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Monument on East 1st Avenue at North Walnut St. The monument was built in 1918. (other photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Lincoln appeared in Kansas...well, sort the Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Pageant this past September.

We caught up to the faux Lincoln afterward.

There was some Lincoln-related news last year when someone cut off and stole a sword from one of the bronze figures atop Lincoln's tomb in Springfield, Illinois. See the tomb and the tourist trade surrounding it in He belongs to the ages but you can still buy a souvenir.

I've enjoyed looking at towns named for Lincoln, like Lincoln, IL.

And have some ice cream in Lincoln, Missouri

And Kansas has a castle in Lincolnville.

See also Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery.

The Kansas Underground Salt Museum has a newspaper from the day after Lincoln was assassinated.

More Lincoln Statues can be found at Seated in Your Pocket.

There are some serious Lincolns along the Lincoln Highway. One of them is in Fremont, Nebraska.

Speaking of the Lincoln Highway, here's a walk-through video of a Lincoln Highway exhibit at the Great Platte River Road Archway in Nebraska:

Big and somewhat kitschy roadside Lincolns can be seen in a post titled with a word I made up: Lincolnosity.


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