The Lope: Uno de Mayo

Monday, May 03, 2010

Uno de Mayo

Children enjoy a carnival ride in George Pyle park during the Cinco de Mayo festival in Hutchinson, Kansas, as First Presbyterian church looms in the background. It was actually May 1, but I suppose you have to pick one weekend or the other.

It was nice to see some life in the park, formerly Sylvan Park (a name I shall miss for its more ethereal quality). Here, folks ride in giant strawberries and apples near snowball bushes.

The park has undergone a face lift of late, gaining new concrete work along the canal that holds Cow Creek. That's Memorial Hall in the background.

Before taking off for a Derby Day party, I had a chance to snap this plaque, which explains a bit of the history of the park.

Returning in the evening, I pondered this Velociraptor on the kiddie carousel. Ahh, to have had carnivorous carousel dinos that would unzip your skin and drink your guts when I was a kid!

Here's a night view of Memorial Hall from the sidewalk along Avenue B.

Am I the only one who imagines Lon Chaney as the Phantom of the Opera emerging from the canal beneath the hall, carrying fainting operatic diva whats-her-name in a stylish gondola while declaring "Beneath your dancing feet are the tombs of tortured men, thus does the Red Death rebuke your merriment"? Maybe I watch too many silent movies.

But, as to merriment - Picante, a Topeka-based band, played a concert in the under-utilized bandstand as a small crowd danced. I hope to see more of this sort of thing:

Papo Vargas of Picante holds Ace, who is wearing a festive sombrero.

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