The Lope: Happy St Patrick's Day

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day

I've run across very little Irish or St Patrick's Day oriented material this past year.

But I did meet a leprechaun at Carlos O'Kelly's restaurant in Hutchinson, Kansas last St Pat's Day. Quite a trooper, he or she was - running around like that for a shift.

And while in Springfield, Illinois last June, taking a side trip from the National Route 66 Festival, I saw Frannie's Ol'oe Irish Pub.

Last July, I met the recently blogged statue of St Patrick in Great Bend, Kansas.

And last September, I saw these holiday ornaments at The McPherson Scottish festival.

Is he Santa? Is he a leprechaun? Or is he a dual-market potential collectible designed to empty your pot of gold? Oh well, he looks cool.

Across the street from Cooky's in Golden City, Missouri, I found this cool St Patrick's Day vest and hat in an antique mall. (photo by Patsy Terrell)

Aside from these things, I'll have to refer you to our previous years' caches of things green:

2007's St
Patrick's Day Megapost
takes you from Chapman, Kansas, to a bird's eye view of Ireland, to London's Celtic crosses and then back to Shamrock, Texas. There's a lot o' green in that post.

Happy St Patrick's Day, 2008 offers more Shamrock, TX, the fine Blue Dome of Tulsa, OK and some Irish Doxies.


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