The Lope: Big Spring Park, Neosho, Missouri, December 2011

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Big Spring Park, Neosho, Missouri, December 2011

I love neon city arrows. Neosho, Missouri, has one, as does Webb City on the other side of Joplin to the north.

But Neosho's prettier lights in the Christmas season are in  Big Spring Park. Here's a selection of photos I shot on December 29, 2011. 
The park is host to one of the older displays of animated light frames. This is a time exposure. The sequencing depicts one deer jumping.

The landscape is quite steep, as houses on the perimeter of the park illustrate.

And there's actually a spring there, complete with ducks.


A dusk view shows an old pool house in the distance.

Frame soldiers seem to salute a mosaic across the street.


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