The Lope: Thanksgiving 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I used to lament that there were no light-up blow molded Thanksgiving decorations. I didn't know that there were; they just weren't marketed anywhere near me. I have since found out that Don Featherstone, designer of the better known plastic pink flamingos, also sold two models of turkeys through Union Products back in the 1990's. The one above is dated 1998.

This one, spotted in a yard in Hutchinson, Kansas, is dated 1995. I have one of these in my attic window.

Suburban Turkeys

For the last couple years I've been entertained by rafters of turkeys that live at the edges of Hutchinson, Kansas. The ones above and below hang out along highway 61 north of 30th Street.

Here's a video. When I see them walk, I wonder how much they resemble the locomotion of dinosaurs like Struthiomimus:

Another rafter of turkeys lives at the edge of South Hutchinson and likes to forage in yards.

A video:

And another:

Previous Years

From 2009: Our friend Earl Polk nailed one of those K-61 turkeys with his truck. Read how it was A Thanksgiving Gift.

In our own heartwarming 2005 family classic, see Ace Jackalope learn the meaning of inter-species friendship in Wanted: Turkey for Short Term Relationship

Happy Thanksgiving, and watch out for pie-thieving cats.

Run boy, run!


Anonymous Lisa T (in VA) said...

On Thanksgiving - wanted to let you know that I am thankful for your site and wonderful posts!

Sorry I haven't said it more often - all the best!!

Thu Nov 25, 08:37:00 PM  

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