The Lope: Possible Glitches on May 1

Friday, April 30, 2010

Possible Glitches on May 1

On May 1, or shortly thereafter, there may be glitches on this site due to Blogger dropping FTP publishing and folks like us trying to figure out how to adapt to their new rules while preserving the pathways of previously published URLs to specific posts.

Ace has his best technician (Patsy) working on this and changes (i.e. redirects) are already in place. So far it is going well. We can't promise that will be the case tomorrow, however, as all our little pixels flow down new paths dictated by Google's Blogger. If we're not here tomorrow, rest assured; we'll be back.

Also, you may have noticed there are fewer posts on the front page; that's another change at Blogger. I really don't like it as it means that when I post something like this, I'm bumping a meatier post off into this month's archives even if it's less than a month old.

Which brings me to...

If anyone knows of a user-friendly program that allows one to blog and send the files directly into one's own hired server without the necessity of a service like Blogger or Word Press, please do comment. Independence from corporate policy changes would be a wondrous thing.


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