The Lope: Leonard Nimoy Retires

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Leonard Nimoy Retires

Spooooooock! Please...change...decision.

Nimoy, 79, seen here autographing Ace Jackalope's Spock uniform at Trek Expo 2009, announced recently that he's retiring from the film industry.

Now, mind you, he came out of retirement last year to appear as Spock in the re-imagined Star Trek, and I do seem to remember hearing that he would not appear as Spock after a couple previous outings in the pointy ears. He even wrote the book, "I am not Spock", only to follow it with "I am Spock", years later.

Personally, I hope he has a few more Vulcan salutes for us, but if not, I wish him well in his retirement.

Nimoy has a few more sci-fi convention appearances lined up in 2010, and it wouldn't surprise me if he still toured to do signings for any new photo books. He's quite a good photographer, you know. Check out his website.

This year, by the way, Trek Expo will feature William Shatner.


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