The Lope: Hyde Park Luminaria 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hyde Park Luminaria 2009

The annual Hyde Park neighborhood luminaria was held this past Saturday night in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Hutchinson Community College jazz instructor Daryl Batchelor and Dr. Robert Rate played Christmas carols on brass from the porch of Jim and Mary Lou Sunderland's house. Here's Jingle Bells:

Santa waves from a first-floor roof while his elves try to climb to the second floor.

These people were completists. They even floodlit their garage doors red and green.

The manufacture of blow molded Christmas decorations has declined the last few years due to energy conservation, rising cost of petroleum used in plastics and competition from lighted wire frames and nylon inflatables. It was nice to see this collection of blow molded Santas under the crescent moon.

Here's that group of Santas in the daytime. What is a group of Santas called, anyway?...a jolly?...a Kringle?

And now, to leave you in a festive spirit, here's "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" from Batchelor and Rate:

And here's our coverage from last year, when there was snow.


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