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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Grandma's House

Once in a very great while, one is privileged to find a Christmas display that is both innovative and emotionally touching. Such is the case in Hutchinson, Kansas with the lawn display of the Hankins' home at 25 Countryside Drive. Today I am updating my previous coverage of this, starting with the 2009 photo above.

As locals know, Dale creates automations showing kids riding various modes of transporation to "Grandma's House", the home of he and his wife, Betty. He tries to add one yearly.

Here's an HD video pass, walking north to south:

And here it is, walking south to north:

When I went to check out the Hankins' yard this month, I noticed the addition of "Riding a John Deere to Grandma's House"

Here's s video clip of the John Deere and last year's addition, the airplane:

Moving on across the corner intersection, one sees the home of Cheryl Cox, Dale and Betty's daughter. Her place, alone, is worth a drive to the neighborhood.

As I looked near her chimney, however, my heart sank.

Cheryl confirmed via email that her mother, seen in the 2007 photo above, had indeed passed away this past August.

She added: "We miss Mom dearly but put up the display for the community. Many people began asking after she passed away if we would still be doing the display. It just didn't seem right not to and I feel by doing so, we are honoring her memory. She always loved it so."

My sympathy, and that, I know, of many of my readers, goes out to the Hankins family, who have brightened our Christmas season for many years. I'm proud and delighted to live in a city with such people.


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