The Lope: Woodstocky

Saturday, August 15, 2009


The 40th anniversary of Woodstock has me remembering a rainy night in Hutchinson, Kansas, this past April when The Fox Theatre presented Blood Sweat and Tears in for a fund raising gala. Granted, Blood Sweat and Tears was not at Woodstock, but they were formed two years before, in 1967, and it was a great excuse for theme decor.

After the concert at the Fox, a party was held at nearby memorial Hall. Blood Sweat and Tears "founding father" Steve Katz poses with a VW bus brought in for the occasion.

This is what we call attention to detail. Psychodelic...uh...blob thingies were projected on the Memorial Hall ceiling.

Guitarist Dave Gellis

And a groovy time was had by all.

To find out what's coming up at the Fox, see their website. To see photos of a visit to Kansas by Arlo Guthrie, who really was at Woodstock, click here.


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