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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Easters Past

Easter is an intriguing brew of the pagan, the Christian and the commercial. Of course, I do my part, and here are a few past contributions.

I got the idea when I saw hundreds of peeps lined up in packages on a shelf at Target and they reminded me of the buried terra cotta soldiers of the Qin Dynasty. But only Ace knew what to do with that confectionery army in Lope of the Peeps.

It's just the one shot, but we haven't let Ace decorate Easter eggs since the Egg Mishap.

It was called Rapa Nui, but that didn't stop the crew of the Dutch ship that "discovered" it on Easter day in 1722 from naming it Easter island. Since then, the intriguing giant heads - moai - have colonized pop culture. See more in Happy Easter Island.

From Route 66 in Texas to London, UK, to Chapman, KS, see images of Christ on the cross in Good Friday. I didn't know until I worked on that post that it's only a crucifix if Christ is portrayed on the cross; otherwise, it's just a cross.

See a real Easter Island moai as well as pop-cultured ones in London, Tucson, Portland and Seattle in More Easter Stuff.

On a rainy night a huge cross in Texas cast its shadow on the clouds. See it, and some beautiful rural New Mexico cemetery art in Risen.

Take a walk through the mini-golf ruins of Kentucky's Golgotha Fun Park. Yeah, that's really the name.

It's mostly a recap post like this one, but see a 17th century crucifix at the Phoenix Art Museum in Happy Easter 2008.

I'll have brand new Easter stuff everyday until Sunday, so stay tuned.


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