The Lope: Looking Back on Election Day

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Looking Back on Election Day

On Inauguration Day (not sure it's a holiday, but am capitalizing it anyway) I thought I'd look back on Election Day here in Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas.

Local Democrat Patsy Terrell had me photograph her for her blog.

And here's the loudest sound of 2008 - the sound of democracy.

Hutchinson mayor Trish Rose and her husband Jim held an election night party at their home. Ace Jackalope attended in suitable attire.

Jade Piros was suitably decorated.

Election returns began pouring in.

Patsy reacts to Obama's win. She looks distressed but is actually simply overwrought with emotion.

That's Andrea Springer on the right.

Trish hugs Teresa Short as Trish's husband, Jim Davis, takes a picture.

Andrea holds her phone out so her sister, who was not near a TV, can hear the election results.

Sharon Scott, Jocelyn Woodson and Patsy pose with Ace.

Patsy, Teresa and Trish were three women who were no longer blue in a red state.

(re-edited for better archiving - this was originally part of another post)


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