The Lope: KU Wins!

Monday, April 07, 2008

KU Wins!

I'm no sports junkie, but I have to admit to being slightly jazzed at the University of Kansas' Jayhawks' victory tonight in the...what's it called?...the NCAA basketball championship.

A KU player (a quick look at SI tells me it was Mario Chalmers) scored a basket with just 2.1 seconds left in regulation play to send the game into overtime. Patsy and I were watching the game while indulging in the default late meal of Applebee's half-price appetizers. The Kansas Jayhawks won against the Memphis Tigers, 75-68, just as I ran out of diet Coke. Perfect timing.

When I moved to Kansas over 20 years ago, I wondered what the heck a jayhawk was. It's not a real bird of course. The term has its roots in the slave state vs. free state conflicts of the 1850's. Read more, here.

The first Jayhawks coach was James Naismith, who is credited with inventing basketball in the first place. Yeah...take that!...uh, other teams.


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