The Lope: A Rocket and a Storm

Monday, January 07, 2008

A Rocket and a Storm

I fell in love in a parking lot today.

I encountered this Oldsmobile 88 while parking at a grocery store and just had to shoot pictures. The owner said this wasn't unusual; in fact, another guy got out of his car and shot pictures too.

I'm not normally a car person, but if they made something like this now, with modern workings, I'd so buy it.

I read up on this model tonight, and found out the engine was named the rocket.

As I've said before, our nation lost its way when cars went sans fins.

I guess that, unfortunately, we finally realized that despite having apparent rocket exhaust ports, a car cannot fly.

Overhead, a storm was brewing.

The dramatically sunset-lit clouds that delighted me portended unfortunate events for others.

A night view from south Joplin - the storm raged in the southeast, exerting its violence on, among other cities, Monett, Missouri, where a tornado hit a convenience store and (of course) a mobile home park. Unintentionally, I seem to be including Orion in night shots lately.


Blogger JDP said...

Looks like the Oldsmobile in Kathy Mattea - 455 Rocket video.


Tue Jan 08, 05:14:00 PM  

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