The Lope: Happy St Nicholas Day 2012

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Happy St Nicholas Day 2012

Hey, did you remember that Santa Claus is actually a saint? I tend to forget that, as much as I see him hawking toys and electronics. The Catholic church even celebrates St. Nicholas Day, which is tomorrow, December 6.

Documenting holiday commercial store window displays, especially motorized ones, is a hobby of mine. I photograph them in windows, antique stores and private homes, then I try to find out who made them. Although there are many different animated Santas, one rarely sees his progenitor saint. I guess solumn St Nicholas isn't as appropriate for pushing merchandise as jolly St Nick. The automation above is West German. The owner had it in a cluttered storage room so I have removed the background. I do not know the age or the manufacturer of the piece. Originally, he probably had an orb in his right hand and a crosier (staff) in his left.


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