The Lope: Christmas Houses in Oronogo, Mo

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Houses in Oronogo, Mo

Oronogo, Missouri, is an old mining town north of Joplin that has at least two seriously decked out homes. Check out this little drive west on Webbwood Drive. I started recording with a nice blow molded nativity scene and drove toward a house on the corner with a not-too-overdone display. Then, curving south with the road, there is a "Salute to the Movies" house with lights that would be the envy of Christmas Vacation's Clark Griswold. There's also a leg lamp (A Christmas Story). Another house offers a subtle touch that plays the motorist out of the scene. Heading east on Sandy Street there is a minimally decorated house with nicely-tuned wind chimes (don't turn the volume up too high as there is wind noise from this gusty night):


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