The Lope: Ye Old Mill - Fortified with Corpses

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ye Old Mill - Fortified with Corpses

The 2010 version of the vintage (built in 1915) Ye Old Mill water dark ride at the Kansas State Fair added black light decor to its interior. This was my first ride through the revamped version, on September 12:

The giant skelerector, added a few years ago, was poised to threaten those about to enter the tunnel:

Here is my last ride through on September 18:

And here was my last ride through, on October 18:

Who says that once the flesh is gone, you can't enjoy getting a little handsy in a tunnel of love. It turns out Ye Old Mill was fortified with corpses this year:

Apparently it was decided by management that the corpse couple needed a chaperone:

See the inner workings of Ye Old Mill in my 2005 story, Ye Old Mill. For more of it see Bride of Ye Old Mill.

The version at the Kansas State Fair is one of three surviving Ye Old Mill water dark rides. See the Iowa version in our recent account of the Iowa State Fair.

Speaking of scary things at the 2010 Kansas State Fair, the Womens' Christian Temperance Union's "Little Man" was back this year. He's the first thing I check on every year at the fair, just to make sure all is right with the world:

For more information about the Little Man, see Twilight Zones of the State Fair.


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