The Lope: A Halloween Invitation for You

Friday, October 30, 2009

A Halloween Invitation for You

Hey, come by and have some candy on us.

Ace Jackalope and friends will be giving out candy - and even some spider rings and other mass-produced plastic swag - on Halloween night at 906 East Avenue A in Hutchinson, Kansas. That's between Severance and Reformatory on the north side of Avenue A.

There'll be demonic pseudo-tiki masks spitting fog.

There'll be women! (disclaimer: makes no specific warranted claims as to which women will show up. Guaranteed minimum: two.)

But beware! The hand that reaches for you out of the fog might be...

a witch!

Western adventurers might ride in.

Or Gypsies.

Approach the porch of doom...if you dare!

Last year Indiana Jones dropped by.

There could be danger lurking behind you!

It could just be Mark.

Maybe he'll play the moai bongo for us this year. the cottage garden of the damned!

And this year, we'll be fortified with even more corpses. More are arriving all the time, driving in from who-knows-where.

As a matter of fact, some are already here...watching...

...waiting for you, (insert your name here in spooky font). Don't panic just because you just realized that this Internet signal is coming from inside your house. Or, uh...inside your office.

(It doesn't have the same impact as a phone call from inside your house, does it? And how was that supposed to work, I mean, who could ever make another phone on the same line ring inside their house?)

We might suppliment the fog machines this year with dry ice. And if we can figure out the logistics, there might be an appearance from the muffler man pirate head.

We welcome you with open arms to our corpsicle goodness.


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