The Lope: Corpses Climb Curbside Critters in Canton

Monday, October 26, 2009

Corpses Climb Curbside Critters in Canton

Canton, Kansas, gateway town to the Maxwell Game Preserve, decorates its streets with concrete Bison.

Some residents already had Halloween decorations up on October 3 when we passed through. In just one jaunt down the main drag, I spotted three different sizable Halloween displays.

This house on the NW corner of West Olive and North Main has this fine metal locomotive with Halloween accouterments. This looks quite able to be customized for different holidays; I shall have to find out if they do so.

Close by is an old stand-by - a the Jack-o-lantern face on a hay bale.

Downtown, one can find this somewhat mid-century styled awning over the library.

Closer to Kansas hwy 56 is a wagon of scarecrows.


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