The Lope: Corpse Consumes Cherry Cheesecake

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Corpse Consumes Cherry Cheesecake

...a cherry cheesecake blizzard, that is.

The little Dairy Queen on 3rd Street in Hutchinson, Kansas, just east of Main, is a favorite stop for my friends and I. Not only can we sit on the benches outside and savor the warm evenings, but the BNSF track is right across 3rd, so there's occasional rail entertainment.

Many is the night I've crossed 3rd going north and called my friend Patsy. "Dairy Queen is still open" I tell her with a hint of suggestion. More often than not we end up at that window, deciding what we want.

This largely because owner Radwan Shaban (above, non-skeletal) has a tendency to be open anytime he thinks there'll be customers, even on warm winter days. And he's often open later than the restaurants to catch a few customers. Smart, that is.


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