The Lope: The Monster Returns to the Mill

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Monster Returns to the Mill

A welcome re-addition to the "Ye Old Mill" water dark ride is the huge automated demonic skeleton. It's a "Skelerector", made by Scare Factory, but the staff just calls it "the monster." This year it is inside, by the entrance to the "Tunnel of Love" - yeah, it turns out that love is scary.

The monster was added in 2005 as an outdoor barker for the attraction (2005 photo with the vampire jackalope).

It broke down during the fair in 2007 and was absent in 2008 (2007 photo). The monster seems to be plugging along just fine so far this year. Maybe keeping it out of the wind and weather helps.

The rhythmic sounds of the Ye Old Mill's water wheel furnish a sound track while the monster fires up and goes through his motions every few minutes:

Here's the exterior of Ye Old Mill in 2009:

And here's a complete ride through the 2009 version of Ye Old Mill:

Note the spray mist in the first part of the ride. Photographers beware.


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