The Lope: One Year Ago

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One Year Ago

One year ago tonight, a rather efficient ice storm was sweeping across parts of the Midwest, including our little burg of Hutchinson, Kansas.

See the early hours of the storm in Hutchinson, here.

By the next day, it was clear that we were well and thoroughly inconvenienced. See more ice damage here.

The next few days were dicey as power came and went; There were people with worse problems, though. It became known that the death toll from Kansas and adjacent states had reached 27 by the 12th (MSNBC, Dec 12, 2007). I believe more fatality reports came in after that. Most died in car accidents in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri.

Of course, any bizarre condition that alters the appearance of the world around us is eye candy to photographers, and I'm no exception. See more of the 2007 ice storm here.

And if you like icy stuff in general, check out the January 2007 ice storm photos from Joplin.

As much fun as ice storms are to photograph, I'm thinking they're one of those things I only want to shoot every few years. I hope to do without that particular brand of creative stimulation this winter.


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