The Lope: Driving at Dawn

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Driving at Dawn

I had occasion to drive part of Kansas highway 400 during the early morning hours, Tuesday. I love driving at this time, starting out in the dark and seeing the stars in the Flint Hills. I usually see a meteor or two. Shortly after dawn, I stopped at the rest stop near Beaumont.

Off to the southeast, highway 400 snakes across the hills.

To the south, cattle graze under windmills.

And now, some clouds.

I'd previously photographed a nice bit of erosion here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sunrise after an all-night drive is one of my favorite sights. The prettiest I've ever experienced was in November 2006 near McLean, Texas. I was on a mission to help resuscitate the Vega Motel, which had been out of commission for many months. After five hours or so on the road, I was ready for a break, so -- between sips of vending-machine cocoa -- the Rebel and I watched the sun rise over those crazy picnic shelters at the Texas-themed rest area near Del Trew's ranch.

Fri Jul 04, 01:52:00 AM  

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