The Lope: Goodbye, Montana

Friday, June 27, 2008

Goodbye, Montana

Montana, the iconic Illinois rabbit and diplomat for Route 66, passed away night before last of natural causes associated with old age.

Montana made her home at Henry's Rabbit Ranch and was most often seen in the company of proprietor Rich Henry.

See more of Montana at home, here.

A few weeks ago, Montana joined Ace in the Presidential race. He is disheartened at the loss of his most worthy opponent and is left only with less-interesting candidates who think opposable thumbs are "all that."

Ace and I were able to pay Montana a visit just this past Saturday, but though she made a valiant attempt to be sociable, she was obviously tired.

We'll miss knowing Montana is at her desk autographing (biting) cards for visitors.

Never a more regal bunny have we met.


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