The Lope: Hail (again) in Hutchinson, Kansas

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hail (again) in Hutchinson, Kansas

Hail Ruts

We're famous for the trail ruts left by pioneers here in Kansas. Right now, we have hail ruts in Hutchinson, Kansas, as we're being shotgun blasted from above with pea sized hail. Check out the added bonus of the lightning bolts in the upper right.

The street was very dark, and the lighting angles wrong for showing the pellets, so I set up a tripod (in a storm...Mensa material, I am) and waited for passing cars to light my little frozen subjects.

These are the flowers I shot just the other day. Lucky us.

I may have more to come, as the night proceeds. there have been three waves of hail so far...nothing too big, yet, where I am, but I can still hear its treble percussion on my glass windows as I hit "publish post."


Blogger hesu said...

This is my Mr. Jack A. Lope, esquire....

I like Ace he's coolio.


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