The Lope: Kissing Friday

Friday, February 08, 2008

Kissing Friday

With Valentine's Day approaching, I am reminded of another perfectly good holiday - one that fell off the edge of the calender.

The British lost a good one. Time was, on the Friday after Ash Wednesday, school boys in merry ole England were entitled to kiss girls without fear of retribution or rejection. This holiday petered out about 40 years ago, which is regrettable or not, depending on whether you're a schoolboy, schoolgirl or public health official. Read about here.

Ace met these fine ladies at the Mi Tierra Restaurant in San Antonio.

This is Ace's naiad friend, Stacy

Not only is the food good at La Posada, Winslow, Arizona's renovated Harvey House, but the servers are friendly, too.

Ace really loves artists...especially those that drive him around. Here, he spends quality time with a bead artist on a road trip to Springfield, Missouri.

Of course, women who write about travel absolutely rock. This is Marci Penner, author of the Kansas Guidebook for Explorers.

And this is Shellee Graham, Route 66 enthusiast and author of Tales From the Coral Court: Photos & Stories from a Lost Route 66 Landmark

Ahh, to be an antlered bunny!


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