The Lope: Las Vegas Neon Museum

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Las Vegas Neon Museum

Vegas is a city of neon, and many of the older pieces are preserved along the East end of the Fremont Street Experience. Several free-standing pieces have been moved here by the Las Vegas Neon Museum; many have explanatory plaques.

The Las Vegas Neon Museum keeps a "boneyard," a three-acre lot near Cashman Field which holds about one hundred unrestored signs. Although I was only able to shoot from the outside, what can be seen through and over the fence is rewardingly surreal.

Its a "really big shoe." I think it might be the Silver Slipper of the casino by the same name.

At the East end of The Fremont Street Experience is Neonopolis, a shopping and cinema complex that features a central column decorated with signs restored by the museum. I could not find explanatory plaques in Neonopolis.

This is a time exposure. The hand pours the bottle and the bubbles expand.

I'm pretty sure this sign was originally in Tucumcari, NM, along Route 66.

This horse and rider stands just outside the East end of the Fremont Street Experience.

Here's one of the freestanding signs along Fremont.

Late that night, I took a drive down the strip to see old motel signs.


Blogger James Mason said...

The site and these photographs remind me of when advertising had to have spectacular images, not like the niche targeting going on now. And competition was local, it was an art war.

James, CT

Mon Sep 26, 01:09:00 PM  

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