The Lope: Albuquerque to Amarillo

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Albuquerque to Amarillo

We decided that rather than take 66 or 40 from Albuquerque to Amarillo, we'd dip South a bit and take 60 most of the way. We lunched at Mountainair at a restaurant near this stone fence which dates from the 1930's.

The open sky furnished the background for a train shot in Vaughn, NM.

Around nightfall we reached Clovis, NM, not far from the Texas border. This was the coolest motel sign in town.

After woofing down a BMT at Subway, we ran across this beautiful old drive-in, the Twin Cronnies. Of course, I ate something in accordance with travel rule #12: everything tastes better under googie architecture.


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