The Lope: R.I.P. William Windom

Monday, August 20, 2012

R.I.P. William Windom

Long before I traveled with Ace Jackalope, I was fond of taking goofy pictures of whoever would go along with it. Such was the case with actor William Windom ten years ago at Trek Expo, a Tulsa sci-fi convention. Windom played the ill-fated Commodor Decker in the Star Trek episode, The Doomsday Machine, in which his starship was eaten by a planet-wrecking special effect that looked like a piece of fossil horn corral. So, I brought a cornucopia from a craft store along with a cherished model of the Enterprise from my youth (Enterprise from the AMT Space Ship Set, circa 1977).

When I approached the actor's table he laughed and just took the props for a little improv.


He actually yelled at the faux doomsday machine....something like "You aren't gonna eat my ship you %#@!. Take that!"

William Windom passed away last week at the age of 88. Aside from Star Trek, he was also known in sci-fi circles for Twilight Zone and had won an Emmy in 1969 for My World and Welcome To It.

He sure seemed to be a fun guy.

(Pictures are from prints scanned in 2002 and uploaded to the now-discontinued Yahoo photos, then saved from there, hence the size and low resolution. If I ever run across the original negatives, I'll scan them.)


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