The Lope: Rocky Horror at the Orpheum (event pictures added)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rocky Horror at the Orpheum (event pictures added)

Friday night, October 28 at midnight, Wichita's Orpheum Theatre will present The Rocky Horror Picture Show, complete with "prop kits" which will include water pistols, flash lights, confetti, rubber gloves, noise makers, party hats, newspapers, toilet paper and playing cards. There'll be no rice as they don't want to attract pests, but they are considering toast. Tickets, which are $12 with prop kit and $8 without, will be sold only at the door. They ask that you bring none of your own props and remember that this is a "mature event" so folks under 17 will need a parent or guardian along. Details are here.

A few years ago Ace Jackalope and I actually met Rocky Horror star Tim Curry, who plays the Transylvanian Transvestite Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the film. Ace declined to dress as a sweet transvestite for the meeting. Of course, Curry won't be on hand in Wichita but my guess is there'll be a few guys in fishnet hose in the audience - along with some women in corsets.

While you're in Wichita's Orpheum Theatre (if you can take your eyes off all the Magentas and Columbias) check out the stars above. The 1922 theatre was designed by John Eberson and built in the Atmospheric Style, intended to convey the feeling of being in an exotic courtyard. Fortunately, I doubt the water guns can reach the stars.

In other Halloween stuff at that venue, Saturday, October 29 at 7 pm, the Orpheum will show Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein, the swan song of the Universal horror series of movies. It's unfortunate that Bela Lugosi's last film appearance as Dracula takes place in such a farcical production, but taken for exactly what it is instead of the horror movie that it isn't, it's not a bad time, especially for a $5 ticket in a cool theatre.

Event pictures added after initial publication:

This is the contents of the prop kit: newspaper, playing cards, party hat, tissue, confetti, water gun, rubber glove, noise maker and flashlight.

The streaks are from flashlights used by audience members during the song "Over at the Frankenstein Place."

The aftermath - I don't envy the cleaning crew.


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