The Lope: A Jaunty Apocalypse

Saturday, November 06, 2010

A Jaunty Apocalypse

The music of Jukebox the Ghost

I happened across Jukebox the Ghost opening for Barenaked Ladies at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City and the Pageant Theatre in St Louis recently.

The three-man, Philadelphia-based group's sound reminds me a bit of early Beatles in its jaunty, up-beat feel, but their lyrics are much smarter, often painting a textural picture of of an apocalyptic world. Here's their website; I recommend both their CDs.

Tommy Siegel - vocals and guitar

Jesse Kristin, drums and percussion, has also written for Consequences of Sound.

Ben Thornewill - vocals and keyboards

There is no bass player in Jukebox the Ghost, but you won't miss it. However, should they hold auditions for one, Ace may try out.

See a few more pictures, here.


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