The Lope: Not <em>those</em> jobs <em>too</em>?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not those jobs too?

So, you think if times get too tough you can always get a job this time of year dressing up as Uncle Sam or the Statue of Liberty and waving at cars in front of a tax preparation office?

Well, enter Robo Waver. Yes, even this job can be taken by a machine:

Innocent enough, isn't he, what with that friendly face and all?

The website for Robo Waver claims he has no hygiene issues and will not get arrested. I think if I were a human waver, I'd feel a bit insulted.

Just wait 'til they achieve sentience. Wouldn't that make a great sci-fi horror movie? An army of cherubic robo-kids goes after people and makes them do their taxes. I bet that next year he'll be baaaack.


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