The Lope: Easter Fun for Doggies

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Fun for Doggies

If you'd like to have some fun with your dog this weekend, take him/her to the Hutchinson (Kansas) Dog Park this Saturday, April 3, at 10AM for the second annual Doggone Easter Egg Hunt. There will be a dog parade, photos with the Easter bunny, treats, a cat condo decorating contest and other fun things.

Hutchinson Dog Park is at 1501 South Severence. Here is last years event. The event is free, but they'd appreciate a small donation and from what I saw last year, they deserve one. I understand similar events may be held around the country.

Of course, your canine may be confused by the whole thing, what with eggs that don't smell like eggs and a giant bunny that smells human, but your dog won't care; he or she will just be happy to be with you.

Rover might even tolerate wearing Easter finery for a contest they're having. Dogs are like that.

Cats, on the other hand...


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