The Lope: Svensk Hyllningsfest this Weekend

Friday, October 09, 2009

Svensk Hyllningsfest this Weekend

Today and Saturday, Lindsborg, Kansas, celebrates its Swedish heritage with Svensk Hyllningsfest, a festival so big they only have it every two years.

In 2005 we attended Svensk Hyllningsfest, and published three posts as Ace explored the town and the festival. See Ace go to great lengths to become a rare jackalope variation in Valkommen, Dalalope. (This post is kind of a time capsule in that some of the businesses in Lindsborg have changed. Alas, Main Street Toys is no more.)

Then explore the McPherson County Old Mill Museum.

And finally, the festival itself: Svensk Hyllningsfest. For details on the 2009 festival, see its website.

And now, a bonus - just because I happen to have one handy, enjoy 31 seconds of a vintage mechanical store window Viking. It has nothing to do with the festival, but when else was I going to have an excuse to use it, you know?:

I'm sure someone will point out that Vikings didn't have horns on their helmets and that this was a Wagnerian invention for "The Ring" cycle of operas. Correct, of course...but don't horns look cool?


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