The Lope: Train Rides this Weekend from Wichita to Yoder and Hutchinson

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Train Rides this Weekend from Wichita to Yoder and Hutchinson

If you've ever looked at the railroad track at the side of Kansas highway 96 between Hutchinson and Wichita and wondered what it would be like to ride that train, here's a rare chance.

The Hutchinson Fiesta Train will run from Wichita to Hutchinson and back tomorrow, stopping near the Anchor Inn at noon where lunch will be served to ticket holders. Tickets are $50, cash or check (no credit cards), and can be bought at the loading site for the train at Walker and Osage streets in Wichita. I'm told they have tickets left.

The train leaves Wichita at 9AM and passengers are instructed to be on board no later than 8:50AM. If you need to buy a ticket, you should obviously get there earlier. The train is scheduled to leave Hutchinson at 2PM and arrive back in Wichita at 5PM.

A similar excursion, The Yoder Heritage Train, is running today from Wichita to Yoder and back, where lunch is currently being consumed at Carriage Crossing. There's a wireless signal here, so I'm able to send this.

Phil Aylward, car host, pauses as the train pulls into position to load in Wichita this morning.

This is former Missouri Pacific track, as Ace's eagle pin shows.

Both excursions are offered by WATCO inc., the Kansas & Oklahoma railroad, and the Heart of the Heartlands Railroad Club.


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