The Lope: Christmas Past

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Past

Who doesn't like a bunch of Christmas pictures this time of year? Frankly, I like them all year. Anyway, here's a list of posts that have featured Yule imagery.

Take a 2006 tour of the Christmas sections of London's Harrods and Selfriges department stores, with a dash of Hamley's toy store thrown in too, in Christmas Leftovers.

Alas, this Christmas display is offered no longer but see the last year of Christmas Corner in Jingle the Bells Slowly and Fade Out. There are some Joplin, Missouri, Christmas decorations in there, too.

Catch the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, a vintage hardware store and a cool Christmas party during Ace's Weekend of Lasers, Women, Smoke, Fire, Ice, Rules, Jewels, Tools, Rockets and Yules

Times aren't what they used to be for Christmas window displays but at least some people are still trying. I checked recently and this Joplin Christmas Window Display is up again this year.

Weaselhead the Cat crashes Ace Jackalope's photo shoot in Merry Christmas! Someone call icanhascheezburger.

LED lights really contrast with incandescent ones. See some Christmas houses and some gingerbread ones too in More Christmas Color Fun.

Patsy Terrel's tree gets a lot of attention here in Hutchinson, Kansas, and her party is an event of the season. See both in See Patsy's Tree, Yuletide Party Animal and 'Tis the Season.

A couple more Random Christmas Pictures are here.

Clarence the dinosaur and Ace often do the Hutchinson Christmas parade. You can see them in the center, on the top of the van. The parade route passes some nice signage, as seen in Parade of Neon. See more parade here and here.

Nothing says Christmas like the hacking cough of a chain smoker. Actually, come to think of it, most things say Christmas more than that. Mmm... North Pole Flavor Country! This is pretty much all that's in that past.

A Block of Mother Road Christmas has been updated with a current picture.

Christmas Mass can be a spiritual experience, even of you're not Catholic.

The coolest thing in Kansas City this time of year is the display of vintage automations in Prairie Village. Have an Animated Christmas.

See more of the house mentioned above, and some neat stuff in Pratt, Kansas in Merry Christmas from Ace Jackalope.


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