The Lope: Thunderbolt and Lightning - Very, Very Frightening, Me

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thunderbolt and Lightning - Very, Very Frightening, Me

Some rather scary storms boiled across Kansas last night. (picture at 1:51 AM)

We were not visited by a tornado in Hutchinson, although some were reported to the west of us. We did have an anxious warning siren sound tracked half-hour or so when clouds containing rotation hurried toward us, only to peter out and become a wind and rain event by the time they arrived.

"Rain event" - remember when meteorologists started using "event" that way, seemingly all at once? They must issue internal memos on these things. (picture at 1:53AM)

I did hear a report of 85mph winds in the city, and saw a few branches down afterward. (picture at 2:20AM; the lightning was moving to the east so I panned to follow it)

At this time I do not know how much damage occurred in the state.

I do know that lightning is cool, however. Now, watch me go back and delete that sentence if I hear today that lightning killed someone. (picture at 2:33AM)

All of these pictures were shot after the front of the system had moved through. All are 30 second exposures at f:3.5. ISO was set at 200 for the first two in order to show detail in the houses as a ground reference point, but I was having some trouble with overexposure in the sky so I moved the ISO to 100 after that. They are not color-corrected...I'm not even sure what color lightning really is. These are views of the 900 block of East Avenue A, facing south and then south-east. (picture at 2:33AM, a detail from the one above)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Greg. These pictures are phenomenal! I'm mightily impressed.

Thanks for dropping by our demonstration yesterday and taking pictures. Would it be alright if we used the pics off Patsy's site for our facebook group?

Warmest regards,
Jon Dennis
jon_dennis [at]

Sun May 25, 03:16:00 PM  

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