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Friday, May 20, 2005

Kon Tiki

On Friday, I drove from Phoenix down to Tucson to go to my favorite tiki bar, the Kon Tiki. On the way, the sun set behind Picacho peak.

Kon Tiki is a classic, built in 1963 during the height of America's infatuation with pseudo-Polynesian decor. The sign is probably patterned off the now-defunct Islander in Stockton, CA. The manager is attempting to gain authorization from Tucson to re-light the gas torches.

Ace poses in tiki attire in the mouth of one of Kon Tiki's wooden statues, most of which were made by Phillipine sculptor Milan Guanko. This one is outside and served as the inspiration for a new mug and shot glass made by Tiki Farm for Kon Tiki.

The mug and shot glass in question are the brown ones. Of course, I had to have a pair.

One of the tikis that stands guard outside.

All of these are inside; I believe all were made by Milan Guanko.

I reviewed Kon Tiki for a Tikicentral, my favorite tiki website, last year. This year, I was touched when a small group of people from Tikicentral arranged to greet me at Kon Tiki.

If you want to see the pics I did last year, click my posts from

On the way out of Tucson, I took a couple night shots of signs along Miracle Mile. I'd shot lots of signs along the Miracle Mile/Oracle/Stone stretch in previous years, but had not seen these working at night.


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