The Lope: Flossy McGrew's

Friday, October 01, 2010

Flossy McGrew's

Ahh, the macabre fun one can have just driving down the street at night! Last year while in Denver for the Denver Modernism Show a little nocturnal drive brought me past something as cool as the old neon signs I was seeking.

So, for my first post of Ace's 31 Days of Halloween, I present the skeleton-encrusted facade of Flossy McGrew's costume shop at 1824 South Broadway in Denver.

Personally, I think more businesses - no matter what they sell - should plaster some corpses out front this month. Skeletal Maytag repair men, spectral cows atop steak restaurants, undead maids dusting the ether. Such perfect Autumnal reverie this would be.


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