The Lope: Big Scary Bike Ride Videos

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Big Scary Bike Ride Videos

I watched the Big Scary Bike Ride in Hutchinson, Kansas, today and shot a few pictures and videos. Here, for the nice folks I met today - and for you as well - are the videos.

The riders gathered in a parking lot near 3rd and Main:

Big Daddy Roth would be proud of that green Rat Fink.

The riders moved loosely down Main Street toward Carey Park at the south end of the street. This is the last little bit of them entering the park:

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters on a bicycle built for four leave the Park:

The majority of the riders leave the park:

A Mother and child riding.

Four women ride.

The bulk of the riders moving north up Main Street:

They arrive at Brooks Café on Main Street:

I enjoyed this event. It wasn't s fund raiser; it wasn't for raising awareness of anything. It was just for fun, and it worked.


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