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Monday, August 16, 2010

Changes at

This is technical stuff, the gist of which is that I've stopped monthly archives and some of you will have found this page instead of the blog post to which a search engine was pointing. You may have landed on a "page not found" page and clicked on "go to blog home page." If you search for what you were looking for again in a few days, you'll probably find it as an individual post.

The deal is that Google, which bought Blogger awhile back, has changed the amount of material it is willing to display per page; that goes for the current home page as well as all monthly and weekly archive pages. Some of you noticed this when I put up the Iowa State Fair post and all posts from earlier in August disappeared both from the front page and the August archive, even though search engines said they were still there.

A huge problem with that is that most access to happens when someone searches for a particular subject, usually using Google, and Google points to the entire monthly archive in which the pertinent post is contained. So far, so good - until recently when Blogger started this truncating action that left people without what they were looking for if it was posted earlier in a given month.

So, I have set my Blogger setting not to archive at all. Individual posts will still have their own URLs and google will find them as such. This will take a little time, so in the meanwhile, those of you using a search engine to find a particular post may land on a "page not found" page with a link to the home page of, which has been the front page of the blog since earlier this year when another change at Blogger forced me to do without the old home page.

Sorry for the inconvenience...and if someone can recommend a blogging platform that allows lots of big pictures and doesn't decide how much you want to see on a page, please do.


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