The Lope: Ace does South America

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Ace does South America

Ace Jackalope has been in South America recently with my brother, film maker Steve Holmes, who sent these pictures. Here, Ace is seen with the Obelisco in Buenos Aires.

The Obelisco (obelisk) was built in 1936 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the founding of Buenos Aires. It has had some interesting decorations over the years, including a sign that read "silence is health" (translation) during the Peron government of the 1970s. The sign was officially a caution against excessive noise, but may also have implied that citizens should keep their dissident political views to themselves. In 2005 it was decorated as if wearing a giant condom for World Aids Day. It has also been a giant pencil.

Steve also sent this picture of Buenos Aires' Lavalle Street pedestrian mall, which he called "the greatest place in the world."

He also sent this shot of Cafe Tortoni, which has been around since 1917, and said he wishes we were there. So do we, frankly.

Moving on to Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Steve writes of Easter:

"It is hard to overestimate the importance of Easter to Brazilians. I was told the federal government shuts down the week before and that people treat the week as a vacation." He adds that the week is called "Semana Santa."

"The most obvious signs of Easter are the candy-filled baskets brightly wrapped in colored foil. They hang from store ceilings and people pick the ones they want."

"It's common to see people pushing carts filled with sparkling presents. It has the look and feel of Christmas."

"Thursday night, shoppers filled one store in Belo Horizonte. As fast as workers hung the baskets from a latticework of rods that hang from the ceiling, buyers pulled them down."

Last I heard from him, Steve said he'll try to bring one of these giant chocolate Kinder Eggs back for me.

Since Ace was with him, I'm dubious that the tasty treat survived.


Blogger Roseykrh said...

I love Kinder eggs. I've had them brought back to me from Germany on two seperate occasions. I'm assuming they are the same no matter where they come from.

Thu Apr 08, 02:20:00 AM  

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