The Lope: Carthage Maple Leaf Festival Lighting Contest

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Carthage Maple Leaf Festival Lighting Contest

The Carthage (Missouri) Convention and Visitors Bureau sponsored a lighting contest last week in conjunction with the city's annual Maple Leaf Festival. I happened to be in the area this past weekend and found some of the entries during a nocturnal drive. This one was outside the Fair Acres Family YMCA; it won 2nd place in the business class of entries. I never did find the first place entry and could not find that information online, though I did read that the contest had returned after a decades-long hiatus.

The first place residential winner was this scarecrow painting a portrait of another scarecrow on the northeast corner of the intersection of Centennial and Grand avenues. It was illuminated with one floodlight, closer to the painter, so I also shot it later when the floodlight was off and streetlight was the only illumination. This made for more even lighting, although the color balance was difficult. Here it is.

The 2nd place residential winner was nearby. I like the use of a wooden facade. (another shot)

I do not know if this house at NW corner of 11th and Lyon Streets was in the contest of not, but I liked the pumpkins hanging from the tree at random heights.

This house was across Grand Avenue from the first and second place residential winners. I liked this particular view. I do wish more cities would hold Autumn or Halloween lighting contests, not so much to see the winners as to encourage more such displays around town.


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