The Lope: Snow This Morning

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow This Morning

It snowed in Hutchinson, Kansas, this morning and it continues to do so into the afternoon. It's 16 degrees right now, up from about ten at this time yesterday.

Inclement weather doesn't seem to bother this male cardinal.

A female hairy woodpecker feeds on suet - raw beef fat, in this case. Woodpeckers exist on a diet of insects and grubs and so prefer a higher fat bird food than seeds usually provide.

A sparrow - a friend of mine calls these LBJs, for "little brown jobs" - rests in coral honeysuckle on a trellis.

It's so cold that the snow isn't sticking much, but it sure is pretty, a seen in front of this barn.


Blogger Barbara said...

You make me want to go throw my camera in a snow bank! Fantastic shots!!! As I said Sat. eve at Patsy's, "YOU ARE A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER!!!" I enjoy all your photos...but there are truly spectacular! Thanks! Barbara

Tue Dec 16, 04:51:00 PM  

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