The Lope: The Un-Dead

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Un-Dead

Two years ago this very night, he stalked the streets and graveyards of London. See what happens when we can't get Bram Stoker off our minds in Dracula's London (2006).

You know what strikes me about the photo above is the person with the long hair passing just behind the Nosferatulope. I can't tell if it's a man or woman, but it looks like a gaunt henchman set to do the Count's bidding...sort of a taller Rif Raf from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

There is some actual Dracula news: a sequel is in the works after over a century.

According to, Stoker's blood descendant, a great-grandnephew named Dacre Stoker, has teamed with Dracula documentarian and historian Ian Holt to produce a sequel approved by the Stoker estate.

The book and, according to, a resultant movie, reportedly take place in 1912 when something is stalking the surviving characters from the original novel.

The authors claim they used Bram Stokers original notes, including characters that did not make it into the finished novel. The title of the new work, The Un-Dead, is taken from Stoker's original title for Dracula, which an editor changed.

This is not, however, the finishing of an abandoned work as has happened with some of the loose ends left by JRR Tolkien.

The book's release is set for October of 2009, with production of the movie beginning next summer.


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