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Saturday, December 01, 2007

See Patsy's Tree

Welcome to December!

Wanna see pictures of something cool, that you can actually go see in person?

If the Christmas season has a singular icon to me, it's my friend Patsy's tree.

Not the tree in the foreground, mind you.

This Tree

Over 10,000 lights.

About 2,000 ornaments.

All of it crammed onto a 7 1/2' tree that generates enough heat that you can feel it a few feet away.

Patsy's tree is often the focus of "excess" jokes among her friends...well, mostly me. I commented today that you could cook a hot dog in that thing. I should mention though, that we all look forward to basking in its incandescent glow.

And you can too, Sunday, December 2 on the Reno County (Kansas) Mental Health Association's Christmas at Home Tour. Patsy is Executive Director of the association and has put her house on the annual tour as a refreshment stop.

I enjoy orbiting the tree with a camera, like a space probe recording the surface of an alien planet.

Many of her ornaments are souvenirs of road trips. This snowman hails from Quebec.

Of course, I love the starburst.

The soldier is a souvenir from a trip to London.

There are several Jesus'...Jesuses...Jesae(?) from a shop near the Vatican.

Rankin-Bass, how we do love thee.

Patsy's mom bought her this Avon Ornament back in the 1980s. It is one of the first ornaments Patsy got as an adult.

Our friend Mark got her this cow. Well, actually, he got it at the Kansas State Fair for someone else and Patsy latched onto it, chanting "It speaks to me, it speaks to me." It had to be this cow, and no other, mind you. Finally, he relented and chose a different one for its original intended recipient.

Ace will be hanging out at Patsy's place. If you'd like, she'll take your picture with him and I'll put you on this blog.

Santae abound.

Personally, I like these vintage reindeer.

Father Christmas himself will be in attendance at one of the homes.

For information on tickets and the five houses involved, see the Christmas at Home Tour website, email Patsy at or call her at 663-7772.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patsy missed a spot. I can still see a bit of tree.

Sun Dec 02, 03:09:00 PM  

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