The Lope: Christmas Parade Tomorrow

Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Parade Tomorrow

The annual Hutchinson, Kansas, Holiday Parade will start tomorrow at 10 AM. We'll be there, driving Clarence the dinosaur down Main Street and handing out the best candy canes you're likely to find. Full-size candy canes, mind you - not wussy wanna-be candy canes like peppermint losanges or the mini-canes that mall Santae dole out.

Here's our coverage of the parade in 2005 and 2006.

Ace will be there again, probably watching the crowd from atop the van. Santalope might go in his stead. You know, I never see the two of them in the same place at at the same time. You don't suppose...?

Ace and Clarence participate in the parade to support the Reno County Mental Health Association and help them promote their annual Christmas at Home Tour, which will be December 2.

Why? Because we love Christmas.

And because humans need more mental health, said the man whose agenda today must include finding a festive outfit for a jackalope and running a brontosaurus through a car wash.


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Running a brontosaurus through a car wash?



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