The Lope: Prologue: Concerning Jackalopes

Friday, December 31, 2004

Prologue: Concerning Jackalopes

Only now do we know the true scope of their abilities...

The origin of the jackalope is a matter of speculation. Some say they are the result of trysts between antelopes and jackrabbits. Others say they are an ancient species, though elusive to the fossil record.

They grew up alongside us, working in the background in the foundation of our civilizations, disguised as us.

Spanning all cultures throughout history

Each of them part of the shadowy jackalope network, observing us for purposes unknown

Watching our culture develop

Ingrained in the power structures of empires



Partaking of our trends

Reveling in our parties...

Indulging in our pasttimes

Veiled behind the origins of our mythologies

Lurking sometimes in the genesis of darkest literature

And our classic songs

Seeking adventure

Serving in just causes

Inciting revolutions

But never forgetting to be well-read

I suspect the have a rather saturated geographic distribution.

I am eternally surprised at the lengths to which they will go to fit into different cultures.

Wanderlust seems to be a prime jackalope characteristic.

As is the tendency to confront fearsome creatures

Of course, they do like recreation

The jackalope that travels with me calls himself Ace, and is a connoisseur of the American road trip. We've traveled Route 66 together from Chicago

To Los Angeles

From the beaches of South Carolina...

To the tiki and googie strewn reaches of the Northwest

From Canada

to the Sea of Cortez

And a few other places besides

Along the way, we've met a few people you might recognize.

Garrison Keillor who, upon seeing Ace said "Whatever the joke is, I'm in on it."

Kathleen Sebelius

Alice Cooper painted Ace's eye makeup while saying "this will only hurt for a minute - then you'll be immortal."

Tim Curry

Ace meets the nation with Bob Schieffer.

We've even run into a few presidential types here and there, though that's usually a work thing and Ace isn't all that interested in coming along.

Bill Clinton

George Bush visits Greensburg, Kansas.

Barack Obama campaigns in Kansas City.

But the most interesting people we meet are all of you. Come with us; you never know where you'll end up.


Blogger ChewMouse said...

I live outside of Topeka and let me tell you, that lope by the "Blue Swallow" hotel (and what an unfortunate name that an imposter. Possibly a squirrel wearing the Royal Antlers.

Maybe a rabbit. Kansas is lousy with rabbits this year.

You've been at this awhile, so congrats and I've saved you to favorites.

Peace from ChewMouse.Com

Sun Jun 10, 01:03:00 PM  
Blogger Ace Jackalope said...

Dear ChewMouse, you've hit on the Achilles heel of my presentation: my incomplete understanding of jackalope history. As to the apocryphal photos, they result from one of the following three possibilities:

1. Jackalopes are tricky buggers, and fed me false data so as to veer me away from an accurate understanding of them.

2. Not all the jackalopes shown are Ace. Some do not even know what the sleeves of human shirts are for.

3. When I started this site over two years ago, I never really thought anyone would look at it outside my immediate circle, so I simply threw some of the photos I had on hand at the time onto this page, with no thought as to continuity.

If possibility #3 is true, your notice of this is my just deserts for my nit-picking of all those Star Trek the time the blood stain on Shatner's jacket moved in Wrath of Khan...and...

Ah...well, anyway, I think you'll see a new prologue very, very soon. Much like Tolkien's revision of Riddles in the Dark, now I know more about small creatures that may be friend or foe.

Sun Jun 24, 04:01:00 AM  
Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

The Lope has a fascinating history. Especially those roots reaching back to ancient Greece, oh my!

Obviously, Ace was one of the great (un-named) philosophers of our civilization. You can tell by the way he wears his toga.


Fri Aug 10, 09:33:00 AM  

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